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WEEK 30- 2022- Focus on preparation of programs for early competitions

When it is time to get ready!

In continuation of our historical formula, when it is time to focus on programs

After our week 26 with focus COMPONENTS, and our 3 usual weeks of development of new elements and new skills, this camp is here to put all those improvements together.


Still the ICEPLANET "spirit"

Same place, same spirit, same quality standard with monitoring by nannies 24/24, still a specialist for skating skills, still some skilled coaches for improving technic. But also a program with a plannification around "getting ready soon for first competition".

But also a more limited amount of places for this week or work.


what include our camp:

1 session on ice by day of skating skills work with one specialist

2 sessions on ice by day of technic with a maximum of 5 by coach.

1 session physical training off ice by day with a dedicated professional specialist

1 session of ballet/ dance / Pilate / yoga by day with a professional coach

1 group dance performance in public at the end of the  week of camp

1 social event Saturday with thematic (depending of COVID rules situation)

A certain spirit, a serious and friendly approach of our sport with an unique goal:

reaching the optimal individual self development inside of a positive and friendly atmosphere.

                                          Some great memories for life!


Sport and nature :

Come and see by yourself!

Fantastic country, with great landscape, top quality hotel with a real luxe quality hotel services, great structure with a professional team for ice, off ice and security of kids 24/24.

                             You are very welcome!

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