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By plane 


Where to land? Barcelona (Barcelona- El Prat ) or Toulouse (Toulouse-Blagnac) ?

It is the same in fact. Both are connected to Andorra with shuttle bus. There is more aircraft companies who flight to Barcelona airport, it's the second largest airport in Spain.


And after? A taxi or bus ?

It depends of your budget. There is a company who can drive you direct from airport terminal door to the door of our  hotel. We advice you Novatel.

Novatel shuttles back and forth between Barcelona El prat ( Barcelona airport) and Toulouse Blagnac ( Toulouse airport). Please check website .It is very easy to book online . Online booking, select your airport and terminal and after your hotel (Canillo Hotel Bonavida).


Some other bus companies do not drive to Canillo and stop to Andorra  La Vella. In this case, you should take another bus, public transport or a taxi.  For public transport, check schedule and price, Here.  For taxi, there is many taxi companies, Here.


By car



Canillo, Andorra is connected to the principal roads network of Spain and France.

Enter in your GPS Hotel BONAVIDA or Carretera General AD 100 Canillo (Andorra).


If you choose to drive on the French part, you will drive on beautiful mountain road. It is also lovely with the Spanish side and there is an highway almost all the road on this side. 

Have a good journey!

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