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  • What are the prices/ rates for the camp?
    You can find all prices for our different formulas in the menu "rates and registration/rates-2024", or on most of the pages, you have a blue button "Prices/ Rates", just click on it. You will find there all your answers regarding this topic.
  • Which dates are weeks 27, 28, 29, 30 in 2024 calendar?"
    week 27 = From Sunday 30th of June until Saturday 6th of July 2024 week 28 = From Sunday 7th of July until Saturday 13th of July 2024 week 29 = From Sunday 14th of July until Saturday 20th of July 2024 week 30 = From Sunday 21th of July until Saturday 27th of July 2024
  • When does the camp start? When is the check in/ check out?
    Every week of camp starts with check in on Sunday afternoon from 15h00, at our base hotel, Hotel Bonavida. An information meeting is held during the sunday evening, for all participant at our Hotel. Check out is always on Saturday afternoon, just after lunch. For example, if you come for a period of 2 or 3 weeks, first Sunday is the check in day, and last Saturday of the period is the check out day.
  • How can I enroll?
    You can enroll with following this procedure: Going in the menu at "Rates and registration/ Online booking 2024", or by clicking in the blue button on most of the pages "Register/Join". 1- pick the package you want and the week(s) you want, proceed to payment. 2- When your payment is validated with with Visa or Mastercard, you will get an invoice number, and receive an email who will give you a link to download application forms ( 2 pages) 3- Download the forms before the deadline ( link is valid for 96 hours) or fill up form directly on our website ( link given during payment procedure) 4- Fill up the forms and send it back to (if not done online)
  • What is included in "All inclusive" ?"
    Participation to the camp, Accomodation at Hotel Bonavida, with room shared with another skater, 3 meals at restaurant of hotel every day, access to outside swimming pool from Hotel, being monitored 24/24 by our team of professionnal nannies who are here to make sure everything goes smooth during the camp.
  • How can I get to the Camp in Canillo?
    By car, 2 roads : Spanish side and French side. By Bus: From Toulouse (Blagnac) airport or from Barcelona ( from center city or from Airport). We recommend you Novatel, click here for the infos
  • How can I book a private lesson during my stay?
    Easily, with asking directly to the coach you would like to have in private. Payment for this lesson must be done directly to the concerned coach.
  • Is it possible to get individual room?
    Depending of capacity left in our hotel, it is a possible option. Additional fee will be charged for this option. ( +21 euros by day)
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    The usual policy is as follow: It is possible to cancel the camp with full restitution of the fee until 90 days before the beginning of the camp. Between 90 and 61 days, we will return 80% of the paid sum. Between 60 and 31 days, 50% of the paid sum. 30 days before the beginning of the camp, no restitution of fee.
  • COVID situation: what measures will Iceplanet take for 2024? ( to be updated according to evolution of sanitary situation )
    1- Hydroalcoholic gel will be available in our base hotel, in the ice rink, in all facilites used by Iceplanet during this 2024 edition. 2- face mask will be used, as recommended by local authorities. We will strictly follow and respect recommendation from Andorran Sanitaty authorities. 3- Temperature will be checked every morning ( non-contact forehead thermometer). In case of too high temperature, concerned skater/staff member will be immediatly sent back at hotel, and put at isolation in one of our "Corona room". Rapid test will be organized to clarify if infected or not 4- Our usual public dance presentation will be changed in online video show ( No public in the room while the recording will be held)
  • From which age / level can we join the camp?
    We had in our previous editions skater as young as barely 6 years old and we welcome every year some motivated adult skaters. The minimum level required is to be able to execute at least 3 different single jumps and to be comfortable with at least 2 of the 3 basic position spins. If you have any doubts, please contact the camp director on whatsapp, he will help you to clarify any doubts regarding level.
  • What is the typical daily schedule/ amount of training session during ICEPLANET?
    From Monday to Friday, every skater get 3 ice sessions with one ice session specific to skating skills development. Every day, a ballet/dance session is in the planning, and also a physical/specific off ice workout session. All sessions or supervised by qualified professionnals. Schedule varie in function of the group level. Saturday is about skating and showing the dance learned during the week. Sunday is off.
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