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WINTER EDITION - 16th February 2024-to 18th February 2024 (3 days)

2nd winter edition in 2024

in collaboration with worldwide famous PERFORM'LIVE

Arnaud Muccini, Olympic coach, founder of Perform'live will be our camp director for this first edition


​IcePlanet camp X Perform’Live- Winter Edition

Experience Excellence: Enroll in our Special Axel Workshop and Elevate Your Skills with Intensive Training, Advanced Techniques, Video Analysis, Electric Rotator and Jump Harness Support!

Our winter edition is camp only version,

no accomodation will be provided.

This figure skating camp will be held in Canillo,

in Palau de Gel:

- Starting Friday morning 16th February 2024

- Ending Sunday 18th of February  2024 in afternoon

What is included during this camp:

- serious and intensive program supervised by PERFORM'LIVE

- Work on technic

- Video analysis (for each skater)

- Rotator

- Harness

For each skater,

Eight ice sessions ( Specific Skating Skills to develop jumps / Masterclass / Group class)

Six off-ice sessions ( General Strength & Conditioning / Axel jump specific class / Rotations )

Axel seminar ( meeting room)


NB: small groups by coaches, and different levels schedule plannification


prices for winter camp 2024:

Full program ( 3 full days)= 295 euros

program paid by day = 120 euros by day

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