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Andorra, an amazing place for sport

You will have the opportunity and privilege to train in an exceptional site. Canillo is a luxury and quiet place situated in Andorra's heights. This modern touristic mountain spot destination located at 1530m altitude is a perfect place to train.

Our Base Hotel accommodation is situated 2 minutes away by walking  from the ice-rink Sport Centre “Palau de Gel”.
Skaters from 30 different countries attended last year's summer camp! 

Method of work based on variety and diversity

A total of 5 training session per day (3 on Ice & 2 off-ice) is planned for each skater from Monday to Saturday. Every Saturday, there is dance presentation (learned during the week). On  ice,  IcepLanet team organizes different events to develop artistic and technic part.


Schedule has been optimized for each level. providing an optimal rhythm  during  work. The rink offers many activities such as Karting on ice, billiard, swimming pool, squash. It provides many facilities as dance hall or room to multisport work off the ice safely.

The training is supervised only by qualified graded coaches and professionals of ice skating world.

Safety and comfort

Every single skaters is monitored and taken care off 24/7(at the ice-ink, hotel, and wherever any other additional activities may take place).
Each participant will share a room with other skaters (3 people maximum).

IcePlanet offers many formulas with all inclusive* or without accommodations, for 2 ,3 or 4 weeks. 

*Plane tickets, bus tickets and any transportation not included.

For other options or formula ( for example 2 weeks camp split in 2 separate periods is possible like 27+29 /ask us for availability), please contact Us.

Services during the camp

IcePlanet Team is composed of professional coaches. They can offer you:

  • Private sessions: steps/ spins/ jumps / With jump harness & with video analysis (in extra of the training schedule)

  • Choreography work: Creation of new program / Polish of program ( update and change of actual program)

  • Electric rotator platform available for improvement of rotations off the ice

  • Cross-fit elastics for off and on ice work

  • guest coaches

  • Music editing

  • Sharpening

  • Blades mounting

  • Filming programs 

For more information's about these services, please contact Us

skater warming up off the ice in Palau de Gel Andorra
Photo: @monkeypixels
figure skaters listening to coaches in Iceplanet, Andorra
Photo: @monkeypixels
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