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Registration camp 2020

please read carefully about online payment procedure:

you can find on our online shop, the different possibilities of camp:

                            ALL INCLUSIVE        /       WITHOUT ACCOMMODATION

                     Please make sure to select the correct category, and after the correct duration of camp you wish 

                                                      ( 1 week camp / 2 weeks camp / 3 weeks camp )

                                                         And to finish, select the correct weeks you want to join from 2 possibles options:

  •                          payment 100% in one time, to be done for good

  •                          payment in 2 parts, one immediately, the second one before the 20th of June 2020


 When you did select the correct options desired, you must proceed to payment.

  1. When the payment will be validated, you will have access to some PDF file, application form, 2 files.

  2. Those files must be downloaded immediately, the validity of the link is limited to 72 hours (3 days)

  3. Fill it up, and send it back scanned at this email:

  4. As soon the files are received by the camp director, you will have full fill 100% of the procedure ( if one time payment)


If some parents/ chaperons/ families members want to join the camp and have a room at the hotel with our discounted prices, please contact by email the camp director about it, by email

negotiated prices for chaperons are for 2020 edition as follow:

  • in double room with 2 persons inside the room = 60 euros by day and by person for the room + all meals + access to swimming pool + access to gym + access to public session ice rink 

  • in single room with 1 person inside the room =  78 euros by day and by person for the room + all meals + access to swimming pool + access to gym + access to public session ice rink 

If you want a single room, please send us an email about it ( skater ), we will fix it, if we have available rooms

( for single room, you have to count a daily additional fee of 18 euros)

NB: access to swimming pool, gym, and public ice is linked to eventual local regulations/ restrictions regarding COVID situation

If you have any question or you need any help about online payment, please feel free to contact us,


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