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Off-ice dance teacher at Madrid, Spain
Maria is a professional dancer ( acrobatic rock and roll, jazz-funky, modern dance). She is also choreographer for singles skaters. She teaches pilates and zumba at Madrid. 
Speciality: Choreography

Question (Q): Who are your favorite skaters?
Answer (A): Javier Fernandez, Deniss Vasiljevs, Evgenia Medvedeva, Ivet Toth.

Q: Best memory as a coach? 
A: When skaters or dancers enjoy the choreographies. They transmit energy and they prove to be eager to keep learning and acheiving better results, that's the essence of being a coach.

Q: How many times did you join the Iceplanet camp?
A: This year will be the 5th time.

Q: Which week will you be there? 
A: Week 27

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