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Esther Iruretagoiena


-Former spanish skater national level.
-Since 2014,head coach at C.H Boadilla Madrid.
-Before I worked in C.H Txuriberri(San Sebastian)and C.H Huarte(Pamplona).
-National technical Specialist.
-I have participated in different summer camps during these years: 
La Nevera Majadahonda 2014-2019 with Ivan Saez, Carolina Sanz, Jordi Lafarga, Rebeca Garcia and Alibel Alegre, Donosti Summer Camp 2019 with Igor Sinyutin, Rebeca Garcia, Felipe Montoya and Antoine Spicer, Clinice Jaca 2019 by Ivan Saez with Lorenzo Magri, Granada 2019 summer camp by Ivan Saez, 2018 Summer Camp in Majadahonda by Yediel Canton, 2017 Summer Camp Jaca by Igor Sinyutin, 2015 Puigcerda summer camp by Vahe Gazaryan and Jordi Lafarga.
-National Technical Specialist.
-Languages: Spanish, basque, english and Russian(little).

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