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Alexander Liubchenko


-Former Ukranian skater and ice dancer at international level.
big lines regarding achievements (1999-2013)
- Figure skating and Ice Dance
International athlete in figure skating and ice dance.

High level athlete in ice dance from 2008 to 2013.

6 qualifications for ISU Junior grand prix.
- Acrobatic skating 
More than 100 live performances around the world with the most prestigious companies, beside Olympic champions.

He is one of the 3 skaters in the world who managed to execute on ice a «TORNADO» , un backflip + twist.

Ukraine champion (Novice)
Silver medal in Ukranian championship (Junior)
Master of sport in figure skating in Ukraine this year
Silver medal at  European Youth Olympic Festival (Cieszyn, Poland)
Actual holder of the WORLD RECORD

«longest back flip on ice 6.09 m»

-International acrobatic Specialist.
-Languages: English, French, Russian, Ukranian

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