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Sini Parkkinen


Sini Parkkinen is a Helsinki based Dancer, Choreographer and Dance teacher (BA). Prior to dancing she competed in single skating for 13 years and performed in Moomin Ice Show. After skating Sini has studied a wide range of dance styles (jazz, showdance, street styles, ballet, contemporary, modern, tap…) in different schools and universities in Finland and Barcelona for example.
Currently Sini is working as dance teacher and choreographer for the Finnish Ice Dance National Team and other pairs training in Helsinki. She also teaches the succesfull synchronized skating team Marigold IceUnity. In single skating she has worker creating both competiton and show programs.
Most recently Sini has been working in the Snow Queen Ice Show production as a dancer-skater, an understudy for many roles, director’s assistant and assisting skating choreographer.

Instagram @siniparkkis

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