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learn from the masters of skating skills


Skating skills seminar for coaches and choreographer by BENOIT RICHAUD.

1- stay with us during the entire camp, in our base hotel, in single room 

2- all meals are taken together, place for exchange and communication

3- possibility to follow all master classes on ice from Benoit and other guest coach, with possible feedback questions in end of classes

4- possible to follow all master class from our Ballet teacher

5- Acces to gym, swimming pool and luxe spa included

6- from Tuesday to friday , every evening will be help some presentation only for coaches who did join our seminar. Topics from each lectures will be communicated later.

                                                         Tuesday= Benoit Richaud

                                                 Wednesday= Matteo Zanni

                                                    Thursday= Jonas Vlerick

                                                  Friday will be Q/A with all 3.

                   Every seminar lectures will be around 45 minutes + time for questions

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Team for COACHES seminar:

Benoit Richaud  is French figure skating choreographer trusted to design programs for the highest level figure skaters including Bradie Tennell, Kaori Sakamoto, Satoko Miyahara, Boyang Gin, Daisuke Takahasi etc...
Known worldwide as a gifted choreographer who embodies a passion for art on ice, international skaters and coaches call his work challenging, intricate and completely original.
 Richaud's unique approach stems from his roots in Avignon combined with his rigorous study of dance across the world, including its cultural roots and influences. He designs programs that align with a skater's unique character and skill-base, allowing them to achieve their maximum potential.


Matteo Zanni, will be working during ice sessions.

More infos about him, please click here.

Matteo will be assisting Benoit during this week of camp


Jonas Vlerick  , will be the one in charge of ballet.

More infos about Jonas, click here

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